Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Many People have come to me to complain that their WhatsApp Message keeps getting deleted and not backed up properly.

Even my Girlfriend complain to me. On Sunday i took time to see what she was talking about and it was just a little problem that can be fixed easily.

This has been going on for months now. I see people posting this on their WhatsApp Stories " Please Send Last Messages, I Lost all my message ", i don't get why people come across this issue.

This problem is actually caused by you.

Reasons Why you WhatsApp Messages are Deleted:

  1. You do not back up your messages weekly or monthly on your Google Drive
  2. You do not remove the %temp% file ( meaning Temperal files ) or Cache from your phone
  3. You use up your phone memory

Theses are the three reasons your WhatsApp message keep deleting. One of the major reasons is the third one.

Let me explain more on why you should always free up your memory space in your phone if you are using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was built to store its file in your Internal phone memory you can't save WhatsApp files on your Extternal Memory. Meaning if your Phone memory is full WhatsApp won't be able to save any Cache fiel or Backup file, so what WhatsApp does is to clear up it's on files, because it does not have permission to clear up your phone memory it will clear up it's own phone memory. And this is what makes all your messages delete.

Note: " Always clear up your phone memory to avoid your phone from crashing too " 

for more advise and information about your WhatsApp email me @ bobbyjoseph108@gmail.com or send me a text on WhatsApp @ 09070717657

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