Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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There has been this new trend on the net and social platform, many people have been asking me to give them the cheat.

Note: this tutorial is for educational pupose only. Anything you do does not affect us in anyway

MTN started this new cheat where they give you 1gb for a day for free to do as you want, you just need to download a configuration file for the HTTP Injector.

Many Sites that knows how to create this file make it for a day, some make it for a week, and some make it for a Month and ask you to pay for it

Today I'm here to teach and explain to you how to use and configurate this file and use anytime you want to.

Note: you need to downlaod any of this apps " Http Injector " or " Eproxy ", if you already have this apps no need to download it again, but you can download this apps on playstore.

For so many reasons i will not be explaining how to configurate the files here.

email me via or text me on WhatsApp @ 09070717657

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