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First we need to understand the meaning of the subject matter PDF, which I have been able to explain in clear terms below

What is PDF?
PDF which stands for (Portable Document format) is a file format which a used to present documents likely, including images, hardware, software and operating system. It was invented by Adobe in the 1990s. Adobe is now a standard and maintained by the international organization for standardization (ISO) 2008  since then it no longer require royalties for implementation, and PDFs can contain form field, audio, buttons, business logic and video. And it can also be viewed with Acrobat Reader DC software Application. 

Secondly we need to know what is Corel Draw 

Because in this lesson we are going to learn how to use Corel draw to extract a PDF file


Corel Draw

Corel draw is a Desktop application package used for designing and creating sophisticated publications and design.
When you run CorelDraw, the application window opens containing a drawing window. The rectangle in the center of the drawing window is the drawing page where you create your drawing. Although more than one drawing window can be opened, you can apply commands to the active drawing window only.

These are the procedure which you can use to extract a PDF file with Corel draw

  1. At first you need to have Corel draw application install on your Desktop/Laptop, before you could be able to extract a PDF file.
  2. After installing the Corel draw application , you restart your devic
  3. After  restarting your device you locate the file you want to extract after locating the file  then you right click on it 
  4.     After right clicking on the file you see some option will pop out, then you look for Open With after clicking on it another option pops out click on Corel draw and if you don’t find the option there you see where its written Choose Default Programs click on it and you will find Corel draw there then you click on it. 
  5.   After clicking on it you see Corel draw Loading directly after that  you it will  display something like this  
       you change the import text to curves so it will display everything you have on file, after that you       click on Ok and proceed  
               6. After that it will display something like this       
click on Ok   and  proceed.    


        7. After that it will display the extracted file in pages like the picture below 

     the number of pages demands on how many document are on PDF file.

This all you need to know, to Extract PDF file

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