Thursday, November 22, 2018

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A sinner is a person who breaks the law; and is of the devil. As Christians, we should flee from sin because sin destroys a person quickly. The Bible has made us to
understand that the wages of sin is death. Below are some of the consequences of leading a sinful life.

1. No sinner will be granted access to God’s glory: For every man who have sinned have come short of God’s glory. Sin is a blemish that would deny Christians access to God’s glory.

2. Sinners don’t get answers to their prayers: God answers the prayers of believers. However, it’s not so for sinners as the kingdom of God don’t condone sin of any form. And sinners don’t receive answers to their prayers.

3. Sin turns a man to a slave: When God created man, he gave him dominion over his other creations. Man was made king over them but living a sinful life can see this position of king revoked from a christian and be turned into slaves serving the devil.

4. Hell awaits a sinner: Sin leads mankind to hell. As paradise is for the righteous, so is hell for the sinners. Hell is a pit of fire with unimaginable pain and suffering for eternity. Satan would torment sinners in hell for eternity.

5. A sinner is bound to misery: A sinner who shuns repenting is bound to live in misery for life. All the benefits that have been promised for the righteous don’t work for them and as such they are left in misery.

6. No eternal life: Immediately a man ventures into sin, he would be stripped of the gift of eternal life in paradise. While the righteous are raptured into heaven to live in paradise for ever, they are left alone for Satan to make them his play toys to subject to pain and suffering in the lake of fire.

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