Monday, November 12, 2018

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Many people come to me and ask me to fix their SD CARD. They will be like Bobby can you fix my SD CARD it does not display on my phone, some people will tell me it keeps showing damaged SD CARD.

Most times the cause of this issue is if you got a fake SD CARD but at times it’s because of your phone or you have over load the SD CARD and the phone has shown you warning but you choose to ignore.

LOL. Ignorance kills faster especially when it comes to anything Tech. Do not ignore any warning been shown to you by your phone or smart phone. The developers that did the program to warn you were not stupid or just felt bored to keep in warning if you SD CARD get over loaded.

Okay let us get to the topic of today. HOW TO FLASH OR FIX A DAMAGE SD CARD:
There are only simple eight (8) steps you need to fix damage SD CARD

NOTE: “this fix does not work for all SD CARD, for some reasons it selects SD CARD. And there is a 90% chance this will work for you but the remaining 10% is at your own risk.”

For many reasons we will not drop how to fix SD CARD on our site. To know more about this fix you can send us a message on our Gmail accout :

Thanks for reading and please try to understand why we won’t be able to drop the fix here, you can still send us a message on WhatsApp: 08140864923

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